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Sukkah Depot is the largest Sukkah kit distributor in the world, operating for over 30 years in all communities worldwide.

The only Sukkah with 10 years warranty on any EZ Sukkah!
Panels Sukkah (with schach)

Panels Sukkah (with schach)

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Sukkah Depot proudly offers a complete high-quality package of products for the Schach and ornaments, which are developed as works of art from the highest quality and most advanced materials, in order to provide the customer with an excellent, long lasting and resistant product, along with an appealing design, and all this in strict accordance with Jewish law.
For many years, Jews in North America have been able to fulfill the mitzvahs of the Sukkot holiday using the Sukkahs provided by Sukkah Depot. These Sukkahs are notable for their appealing design made of the latest composite materials that will withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions; yet they are so easy to assemble that you can build your own Sukkah yourself. All this, in addition to attractive prices, makes it possible for any Jew to perform the mitzvah of building a sukkah and to celebrate a kosher Sukkot holiday.

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      Only Sukkah with a 10 years warranty!

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      What size sukkah do I need?
      The ideal sukkah size for you depends on the number of people you plan to host in the sukkah and the size of your backyard or porch
      What tools do I need to build a sukkah?
      Although our sukkah do not require any tools, for an easier building experience we recommend a rubber mallet to connect the rods.
      What is the most common mistake costumers come across while assembling the EZ sukkah?
      Answer: Users must decide the placement of the door ahead of time. The default place is on the long right side of the sukkah, this can be modified and changed with help of the seller at the time of purchase
      How do I know what is the top and what is the bottom of the EZ sukka corner rod.
      Every rod is divided into two unequal parts – one long and one short. Out of the two, the shorter part is always at the bottom and the longer part is always at the top.
      What should I watch out for before laying the schach?
      Make sure you finished constructing the sukkah and make sure the wooden beams that support the schach are stable and tied to the sukkah frame.