We are trying to satisfy 100% of our customers
We are trying to satisfy 100% of our customers

Premium Sukkah with Schach

The Premium Sukkah

The flagship EZ lock sukkah

• This Premium Sukkah is built from 4 separate fabric walls which always stay tightly but can still be easily extended.
• Unique innovation, The Corners connected by a zipper , no more tying straps needed to assemble The premium Sukkah.
• majestic 8’ height,
* 3 color Fabric design with 3-layer big decorative windows which provides an upscale look.

The premium sukkah is our flagship item of our EZ-Family Sukkahs line and stands at a majestic 8’ high. This sukkah has a magnificent 3 tone color combination, with decorative tassels along the top of it , it also has a super-size window. You can easily expand the sukkah by purchasing additional fabrics from our line, which connect with a simple zipper to the existing walls for flexible sizing of your sukkah.

Note: Available in any size and features our exclusive 10 year warranty.

Note: When the Sukkah is being sent Via UPS, Sukkah Depot is not responsible to send Bamboo sticks to support the Schach.
The online store is currently closed.

If you have any questions or need assistance,
please feel free to contact us:

Email: sales@sukkahdepot.com

Phone: (1-855-785-5241)

Premium Sukkah 12×20 (with Schach)
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