Sukkah Depot guarantees a high standered quality of Sukkah products Warranty

Warranty for EASY LOCK frame sukkah
Sukkah Depot will repair or replace the metal bars of this product free of charge (with a new or rebuilt parts) within 10 years from the original date of purchase , in the event of defect occurring in materials or during normal usage.

Warranty for PANEL sukkah
Sukkah Depot offers a 5 year warranty with regards to manufacturer’s defects (i.e loose screws /bolts, loosened rubber bands, etc.) or defects occurring during normal use, or failures due to water exposure (i.e bubbling, panel decay, etc.)

Please note
Basic warranty covers failures occurring due to defects in material or workmanship which occur during normal, reasonable use. It does not cover damage which may occur as a result of misuse, abuse, mishandling and services by anyone other than Sukkah Depot, any use that is not in accordance with the product’s instructions or purpose, or damage that is attributable to unusual acts of G-D (i.e hurricanes, earthquake, external flooding ect.). Signed warranty certificate and original receipt must be presented for validation of warranty.
Warranty service can be obtained the first of Elul through the first of Tishrei. Please refer to the Telephone number listed below.

Sukkah Depot