About Sukkah depot

Sukkah Depot Is currently the largest and most recognized sukkah manufacturer and seller in the Jewish world. We revolutionized the sukkah design with our Easy lock (EZ) system design which allows almost anyone to build their sukkah in a few minutes without tools or screws of any kind. We developed the EZ sukkah so we can offer our customers a gorgeous diversity of colors and sizes with our EZ Sukkah family: Premium sukkah, Royal sukkah and Classic sukkah.

Over the years our engineers have continued to improve our product line and developed the EZ Panel Sukkah which provides a sukkah with a real wall but does not lose the convenience of our snap together system (official USA patent) . Over the years we have been proud to develop our Panel Sukkahs of the highest quality in the sukkah world.

Sukkah Depot representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you design your perfect sukka that fits all your needs. Simply call any of our branches, or contact our national call center and we will be happy to help.


Note: All of our sukkahs are expandable to fit growing families.