We are trying to satisfy 100% of our customers
We are trying to satisfy 100% of our customers

Royal Sukkah with Schach

Royal Sukkah with Schach

• Add grandness with height
• Stunning fabric in 3 tone rich color combination
• 3-layer windows which provides insect protection and privacy
•Available in multiple sizes

The royal sukkah adds royalty and dazzle to the holidays, with thick metal poles which provides extra durability and a soaring height of 7.5 feet. The royal sukkah is available in multiple sizes and is embellished with stunning fabrics and unique color combinations which includes, dark blue, light blue, and white.
Comes with the best Mehadrin Scach, our scach is certified by the badatz Eda Haradit in Jerusalem.

In addition, the royal sukkah large screened windows and features our exclusive 10 year warranty!

Note: When the Sukkah is being sent Via UPS, Sukkah Depot is not responsible to send Bamboo sticks to support the Schach.
Royal Sukkah 12×20 (with Schach)
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