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Premium Sukkah with Schach

The Premium Sukkah

The flagship EZ lock sukkah

• 8′ height, 3 color design and a big decorative window which provides an upscale look
• 4 separate fabric walls that always stay tightly in place but can be easily extended
• Easy zipper corner connecter allows for quicker sukkah was assembly

The premium sukkah is the flagship item of the EZ-Lock line and has a majestic 8′ height. This sukkah has a majestic 3 tone color combination with decorative tassels along the top, and a super size window.
You can expand the sukkah by purchasing additional zipper corner fabtic from the line, then just add them to the existing walls.

Comes with the Best Mehadrin Schach , Our Schach is certified by the Badatz  Eda Haredit

Note: Available in any size and features our exclusive 10 year warranty.

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